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November 5, 2006 - 2 Responses

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) freebies
Download SEO freebies here right click and ‘save target as’

SEO expert - Who is brad fallon
recently i was learning how to optimize my website for search engine when i came across brad fallon. he is a seo expert see him at and he is number 1 on google for wedding favors. As the saying goes always learn fromthe best in their field. i am absolutely impressed with Both of them. Brad Fallonand Brad Callen. Full marks!

to get the "7 mistakes Search Engine Optimizers Make" please email me for details.

SEO expert - Who is Brad callen ?
Brad callen is a programmer who has SEOelite and keyword elite for those interested in SEO and adsense program.He offer a free 4 day course on killer Keyword Strategies which is a must read for interested in making money from Pay Per Click advertising.

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He also offer FREE 7 days Lesson which name "Player's guide to adwords domination"tips ,tricks and strategies for google adwords success. A definitely must read!Actually this is a summary of google adwords and if you are hard press for time you should read this as it gives the basic and quick steps to get started.
the full version is attached below right
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7 days to complete Search Engine Domination (FREE !)
This is amazing the tips and strategies are worth $97 value and he practically give it away FREE!you will learn how to optimize your websites even if you are a newbie. No high tech stuffjust plain easy to understand explaination on how the search engines works and the tactics to makesearch engine love you.
Day 1-"Optimize The Wrong Keywords And You'll Likely Never See Results ..."
Day 2-How Changing One Single Onpage Optimization Factor Can Boost Your Rankings By Over 350 Positions!"
Day 3-The Secret To Getting Listed In Google In Under 48 Hours!"
Day 4-How To Skyrocket Your Website To The Top Of Google With Properly Planned Offpage Optimization!"
Day 5-"Breakthrough New Software Automates The Optimization Process To Get You A #1 Ranking - All With The Single Click Of A Button!"
Day 6-Analyzing The #1 Ranked Website On Google For The Term Diet Information ..."
Day 7-How To Skyrocket Past The #1 Ranked Website On Google For The Term Diet Information ..."
additional useful article:"Are You Asking Google To Penalize Or Ban Your Website?"
you must sign up for his newsletter, you will definitely benefit many times over.

Google Adwords Made easy
Brad callen write a ebook called "Google Adwords Made easy"which has solid information packed content. And the Suprise is it is free! He really over delivers.

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so you may asked why do he give it FRee?
see, he wrote this eBook out of a desire toteach others how to create using PPC advertising. Any what do he get out of it? you might ask? well he gives before he receives so he teaches you the knowledge before he reap the benefits.
right click and 'save target as'

Ho Ho It seems to be like i am blabbering non stop and making a sales pitch for them.. ..all ebooks are absoultely FREE! and they are from the best in their field SEO. Do a search for their name in google and they will appear everywhere.

talk soon!


Opening ceremony

November 4, 2006 - Leave a Response

Ho ho ladies and gentlemen my first blog post of my life..(although a bit slow behind time) ..nothing to shout about so let me pop my champange.hehe but seriously speaking the purpose of this blog is to chronicle my ongoing stuggle to make money online. hehe another way to say is complain, spill my bitter juice…

anyway i want this blog to record my every movement (even though i am squeezing to write this blog right now between my tight schedule of editing my website ) so that when i am making money online i can reflect upon this blog and see my past struggles. In a way this is also a form of stress therapy for those who have been through you will know what i mean, but for those starting out to make money online especially 12mmo members, i hope this blog can urge you to take the first baby step for action! i know cos i been through that inertia stage…

woah i been blaggering non stop.. should be boring you to death have to stop now..get back to my editing… a famous man had said :”…We have to press on…”
talk soon..!